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Medical Maternity Belt with Postural Recall
Thorax and abdomen

For more efficiency:
-The right support for every occasion
The additional straps allow you to freely adjust the belt by adapting the level of back support of the belt yourself according to the activity and the intensity of the pain.

-The right abdominal support
The abdominal support belt fits your body perfectly throughout the pregnancy and holds the abdomen firmly in place.
Your overall posture is therefore corrected, the pain disappears.

For more comfort:
-Materials developed and selected for greater softness.
Made from natural materials (wood and bamboo viscose), the LombaMum’ô¸ medical maternity belt is pleasant and so soft that you can wear it next to your skin.
It is lined with a bamboo fibre fabric for exceptional comfort.

For more ergonomics:
-Easier to put on
The belt’s centering tabs on the back provide a good grip on the belt and make it easy to adjust the LombaMum’ô¸ maternity belt around the spine and pelvis.
Medical information
Pregnancy-related lumbar pain.
-Pregnancy-related pelvic pain (sacroiliac and/or symphyseal joints).
-Pelvic ligament pain related to pregnancy.


Your belt is made up of three elements:
– a lumbar part to relieve your back,
– two abdominal support bands of different sizes (one band corresponding to a waist circumference < 106 cm, the second corresponding to a waist circumference < 106 cm)

Ref: Thuas2

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