Mammograph MX- 300

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Genoray (MedicalEconet)

Analogical mammograph MX- 300

Stable output by Inverter system
Full AEC mode (Auto kV
Compression Auto Release After the exhibition
Double High Focus Performance System
Very sensitive device Bucky fiber grid
Density Control 19 Step
2 precise collimation formats

Generator: Type of Inverter High Frequency
Radiographic notes: Large focal point 22-35kV / 1-600mAs
Small focal point 22-35kV / 1-100mAs
X-ray Tube
Size of the focal spot
Dual Focus 0.3 and 0.1 mm
Rotation of the anode
Molybdenum (Mo) / 300KHU
Port: Beryllium (Be
Mo Filtration

X-ray foot: C-ARM
560-1340mm vertical
180 ° rotation right / left 160 °
SID: 600mm Fixed distance
Compression: Manual and motorized (Max 18kg)
MICOM compression control
Automatic or manual output

Bucky device
Size cassette 18 X 24cm

RID: Alternative, 4: 1 line 91 / inches

Automatic exposure control: type of Solid-State Detector
microprocessor control
Mode: Full / Semi / Manual
Density adjustment: 19 steps density
Optional accessories: (contact us)
24 X 30cm Bucky device
magnifying device
compression force and
Display Unit thickness
Pb Acryl Plate
Biopsy unit

Detailed technical sheet: Consult us

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