LMD-1530MD Medical Monitor

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LMD-1530MD Medical Monitor

The LMD-1530MD is a large format (15-inch*) HD monitor certified for medical applications with a WXGA display offering a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels.

Its outstanding image quality and compact design make it easy to integrate into a wide variety of applications, both inside and outside the OR.

Equipped with an advanced LCD panel with a wide viewing angle, it provides a bright, high-contrast image, even in dark areas of the image.

It features 10-bit signal processing to produce natural-looking images.

The smoothness of the nuances and the precision of the colors ensure a great fidelity to the original signals.

The monitor is compatible with a wide variety of SD signal inputs, as well as HD signals, via HDMI or analog component input.

Its wide range of signal inputs, convenient features and compact design make it an ideal and cost-effective solution to meet the stringent requirements of today’s medical environments.

Screen size: 15.3 inches (38.9 cm), measured diagonally.
This equipment is designed for use by qualified medical personnel only.

Medical device registration status may vary by country.

Ref: MMLMD01

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