Microfiber glass filter, GFFC grade (1.2 μm)

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Glass microfibre filter, GFFC grade (1.2 µm)

Made from 100% borosilicate glass microfibre without binder
Fast filtration with high retention of fine particles
Standard filter for the determination of Suspended Solids (SS) in drinking water or waste water according to European (EN 872) and American (Standard Methods 2540D) standards
Can be used at very high temperatures
Weight 55 g/m², pore size 1.2 µm, thickness 270 µm
Available as flat disc
Equivalent: Whatman GF/C, Macherey Nagel GF-3, Millipore AP40, S&S GF52
batch no. Ø(mm). type. unit/lot.
GFFC-025-100. 25. flat. 100.
GFFC-047-100. 47. flat. 100.
GFFC-055-100. 55. flat. 100.
GFFC-090-100. 90. flat. 100.
GFFC-E47-050. 47. flat sterile disc. 50.

Ref : FMIV12

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