MIKRO 200/200R

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Hettich Germany


The MIKRO 200 is one of the fastest microcentrifuges in its class. Its range of accessories includes rotors for microtubes, PCR tubes and cryo tubes. The MIKRO 200 centrifuges up to 30 reaction tubes per cycle at a maximum RCF of 21,382. This guarantees high throughput and best separation results at a pleasant noise level of 53 dB(A).

Available in ventilated (200) and refrigerated (200R) versions
Choice of 24 or 34 microtube rotors, PCR strip rotor and cryotube rotor
Spin Column kits (minipreps) also available
Lid options: bioseal, autoclavable, phenol resistant
Pre-cooling program: +4°c in 10 – 15 minutes
Max capacity 30 x 1.5/2.0 ml
Dimensions 260 x 275 x 344 mm (200) 260 x 281 x 553 mm (200R)
Weight: 11.5 kg (200) 28 kg (200R)

Ref: IBSCG2124

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