Mobile Radiographer MEX+ 1210 P

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Digital radiographer MEX+ 1210 P

Compact and light weight flat panel detector from SAMSUNG.
Highly superb quality image resolution by pixel pitch of 127 µm.
Resistant, technology and materials allow the use at temperatures from -10 to 55 °C.
Easy handling due to the unique panel size and user-friendly handle.
Specially developed, wireless solution allows outdoor application without source power.

Sensor type: With amorphous silicon TFT

X-ray Converter: Csl: TI

Dimensions: 422 x 403 x 22mm
Active pixel array: 325 x 264 mm
Weight: ” 3.4 kg
Pixel pitch: 0.127 mm
A / D conversion: 14 bits

Ref : IBSCG2116

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