Radiographe Xray portable meX – 100 (Humain)

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The meX+100 is the most powerful model in the series. Exposure times can be minimized to minimize the risk of blurred images due to motion.

High performance capacitors for stable and reliable power supply
Shortest exposure times thanks to 5 kW, 110 kV / 100 mA
750 memory locations for kV and mAs
Reversible 7-segment LED readout, remote control function for light and laser

Technical details:

Volume / tube current: 110 kV / 100 mA
mAs range: 0.1 mAs – 100 mAs 40 steps
Max output: 5.0 kW at 75 kV
Focal spot: 1.5 mm
Lamp: LED
Distance laser: double laser
Presets kV / mAs: 330 APR
Weight: 19.6 kg

Technical data


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