Multiparametric Monitor Compact 7

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Widescreen 10.4 “TFT color display
– 800 x 600 pixel display, additional VGA output for external monitor, PBI and CO2 measurement (optional)
• Blood pressure measurement, ECG, pulse rate, Respiration, SpO2, temperature, IBP (optional), CO2 (optional)
• Alarm function for all parameters
• printer included (printable settings can be selected)
• With workout mode
• Display up to 7 curves
• Ideal for transport – weight of approx. 4.5 kg
• Accessories included
• L 270 x H 184 x W 250 mm
• Languages: Bulgarian, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Hungarian

Ref: 20.11 -5900
Warranty: 3 years

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