Negastoscope 3 screens-Weiko

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3-screen tabletop viewer-Weiko

Technical specifications:

-Negotioscope to be put on a piece of furniture
-Aluminium case (scratch resistant)
-Extra flat viewer thickness 3 cm
-Swivel, tilt and height adjustable screen.
Film fixed by wear-free and unadjustable steel rollers
-High light intensity 3500cd/m² perfectly homogeneous
-Stabilized lighting, no flickering
-Light source: LED lamps, color temperature 7200° Kelvin
-Estimated lifetime of LEDs (subject to proper installation): about 80,000 hours
-1 master switch for powering on the device
-Lighting by range: automatic on contact with the film
-1 Dimmer for each range: 30% to 100% luminance adjustment
-Useful surface: 3 X (36 x 42 cm)
-External dimensions : 3 x (45.7 x 50.5 x 3 cm)
-Net weight : 30 kg


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