OAS Maico Eroscan System (Maico Diagnostic – Germany)

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Screening for newborn deafness
-Lightweight, ergonomic, reliable with ultralight pediatric external probe for the utmost comfort of the infant
-Very easy to use with its graphic display
-Very fast automatic test (about 7 seconds) with accurate and reliable results
-Long lasting battery
-tests can be transferred to PC via USB link
Comes with:
-External probe
-Box of Tips
-Carrying Case
-Thermal printer with paper (if option chosen)

-Exams: TEOAE or DPOAE
-Frequencies Tested: 1.5-6 khz (DPOAE)/6-12 khz (DPOAE with external sensor)/0.7-4 khz (TEOAE)
-Stimulation intensity: DPOAE: 40 to 75 DBSPL/TEOAE: 83 SBSPL Peak (± 3 DB)
-Max output: 90 DBSPL
-Microphone Noise:-20 DBSPL at 2 khz (1 Hz BW)/13 DBSPL at 1 khz (1 Hz BW)
-Sampling frequency: 31.25 Hz
-PC Interface: USB
-Display: 4-line LCD x 10 characters
-Power supply: 3.6 V ion-Lithium battery
-Duration: Battery about 1000 tests
-Weight: 200 g (with battery)

Technical data:
Frequencies tested: 1.5-6 kHz (DPOAE)
6-12 kHz (DPOAE with external probe)
0.7-4 kHz (TEOAE)
Stimulation intensity: DPOAE: 40 to 75 DBSPL
TEOAE: 83 SBSPL Peak (± 3 DB)
Max output: 90 DBSPL
Microphone Noise:-20 DBSPL at 2 kHz (1 Hz BW)
-13 DBSPL at 1 kHz (1 Hz BW)
Sampling frequency: 31.25 Hz

PC Interface: USB
Display: 4-line LCD x 10 characters
Power supply: 3.6 V ion-Lithium battery
Duration: Battery about 1000 tests
Weight: 200 g (with battery)
Printer (if option chosen): Matrix thermal
Speed: 50-80 mm/second
Weight: 197 g
Data transfer: Bluetooth.

This medical device is a regulated health product which carries, under this Regulation, the CE marking.
Name: OAS system Maico Eroscan-screening for newborn deafness
Destination: Apparatus for measuring and analyzing the hearing function
Manufacturer: Maico Diagnostics
Instructions: Read the instructions in the manual or the labelling carefully
Caution: If in doubt, consult a health care professional
Date updated from this record: 29-05-2017

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