Operation table SU-07

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Famed SU-07 Imaging Table with TotalClear ™ Technology Carbon Fiber Tray – for vascular surgery, endoscopy and other operations requiring patient monitoring. SU-07 also allows precise positioning of the patient (floating plateau), ensures a large longitudinal displacement and offers excellent radio-transparency. The product guarantees excellent conditions for the operations of minimally invasive surgery. The table top is equipped with a longitudinal, transversal and diagonal electromechanical translation, with the possibility of precise positioning thanks to the two-level speed control. The mechanism reacts precisely to the commands from the remote control, regardless of the load of the tray. The lateral inclination, inclination of Trendelenburg and anti-Trendelenburg, the change of the height and the leveling of the tray, are made by means of the hydro-electric system, fed from the accumulators and started by means of the remote control bbSafe ™ or wireless cover ™.

Technical data

Warranty : 12 months.

Ref : IBSCG1013

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