Ophthalmic surgical microscope

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Ophthalmic surgical microscope

The Leica M822 surgical microscope, with its improved pupil reflectance, meets the highest professional demands of ophthalmic surgeons to perform cataract operations with increased precision and efficiency.

The unique combined LED and halogen lighting solution for a bright and stable pupil reflection.
Designed for intuitive control and an excellent working position.
High definition video for sharing and discussing cases.
Open architecture for easy integration of vitreoretinal accessories.
Interchangeable F40 or F20 floor stand for upgradeability.
Combination of LED and halogen lighting

The Leica M822 combines high transmission optics with a dual LED and halogen illumination system.

The result is a reliable, safer, environmentally friendly and cost-efficient system that is ideal for cataract and retinal surgery under optimal lighting conditions for both patient and surgeon.

With Leica’s OttoFlex™ coaxial technology, the Leica M822 provides a bright and stable retinal reflection at all stages of cataract surgery. Even the smallest cortical fragments can be visualized clearly at low light levels. The large diameter of the OttoFlex™ also allows for a stable retinal reflection during phacoemulsification.

Process customization
The Leica M822’s controls and interfaces are designed for easy use, logical processes, and the application of personal preferences.

Share high-definition images. The Leica M822 OpenArchitecture™ enables HD recording with the Med X Change HDMD PRO, wireless video transfer to a mobile device with the Med X Mobile app, and intraoperative fine-tuning of videos with various Leica adapters.

Ref: IBSCG844

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