Platinum 5 Touch Software

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Take full control of your laboratory’s analytical, editing and reporting tasks with unmatched ease of use.
Platinum 5 Touch features a revolutionary new powerful touch screen interface designed to speed and simplify your analytical workflow – while providing access to the full analytical power of the software.

Touchscreen interface: Clear, user-friendly software for instrument monitoring, interpretation and reporting.
Integrated Analysis: Manage your entire V8 Nexus workflow and analytical processes with ease.
Powerful Interpretation: A full suite of comparison, editing and reporting tools for maximum flexibility.
The tools you need – just when you need them.
The Platinum 5 Touch screen interface speeds and simplifies your workflow by dividing the display into clear, logical areas – providing a consistent, intuitive environment in which to work.

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor
Technical specifications: contact us

Model: IBSCG2080

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