UP-X898MD Printer

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UP-X898MD Printer

The UP-X898MD black and white compact A6 digital printer for medical applications supports analog video as well as PC compatible USB digital signal inputs.

It is designed to be integrated into a wide range of compatible medical imaging equipment, such as digital ultrasound systems, mobile surgical C-arms and cardiac catheterization labs. The high quality thermal print engine is capable of printing photos captured by these systems that can be added to patient records or used for reference. For ease of use, printed photos can also be saved to a connected USB flash drive.

(Please note that the images printed on the UP-X898MD are not to be used for diagnostic purposes.)

The UP-X898MD is the successor to the popular UP-897 series of medical printers from Sony. The printer has been redesigned to offer several improvements in usability and ergonomics while remaining very compact and easy to integrate into medical carts. It is now even easier to use with a larger LCD display panel and a joystick for more intuitive menu navigation.

It prints high quality black and white prints in less than two seconds. Its advanced thermal printing technology delivers near-photo quality prints with widely available print consumables.

Wireless printing function
By using the optional UPA-WU10* wireless printing system, you will benefit from a cable-free connection between the Sony printer (UP-971AD, UP-991AD, UP-X898MD and UP-DR80MD), mobile C-arm and other medical imaging devices.

Availability of the UPA-WU10 product may vary depending on the sales area. For more information, contact your nearest Sony sales office or authorized distributor.

Ref: IBSCG2040

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