Refraction Unit Vx1000 Right

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Refraction Unit Vx1000 Right

The concept
Eye Refract features a dual Aberrometer that uses a unique and innovative technology that combines automatic refraction measurement with simultaneous lens adjustment.

This instrument has revolutionized refraction practice by providing fast, accurate and reliable measurements. Eye Refract allows eye care professionals to optimize time spent with patients by providing a highly personalized experience with an exceptional prescription.

Eye Refract features two Shack-Hartmann sensors operating simultaneously to provide real-time binocular refraction. These sensors combined with the phoropter head allow Eye Refract to automatically correct visual defects.


Perfect visual acuity in less than a minute – less time spent on refraction, more time to interact with your patients.
Accurate and reliable prescriptions provide maximum patient comfort in less time.
Real-time lens adjustment based on patient’s brain response.
Distance and near vision measurement.
Automatic eye tracking and auto focus.
Wireless function with remote tablet.
Based on the patented Wavefront technology developed by Visionix®.
Controlled by a remote tablet that allows the operator to move freely.
Monocular measurement in a binocular environment offers a more accurate and comfortable prescription based on individual visual behavior.
A true addition that takes real distance into account results in unparalleled comfort for your patients.
Easy-to-use refractive instrument offering highly reproducible results, regardless of the operator, patient or methods used.

Warranty: 3 years

Technical Sheet

Ref : IBSCG847

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