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DKN Run Tech 2.5 treadmill

The DKN Run tech 2.5 treadmill is a treadmill designed for all types of users.
It will be an excellent and challenging starting point for the beginner and the ideal training partner for the experienced athlete.

The DKN Run tech 2.5 treadmill is equipped with an excellent 2.5 HP motor that allows for extended use beyond the three hours of daily use.
It is possible to reach speeds between 0.8 and 18 Km/h with increments of 0.2 Km/h; the minimum speed of 0.8 allows a good walking pace, necessary for weight loss and rehabilitation. The wide running platform of Runtech 2.5 measures 51 x 143 cm and is cushioned by the patented PAS (progressive absorbing system), which absorbs impact and relieves pressure on the joints. The orthopaedic mat (3.7 mm) ensures safe running and is therefore very popular with physiotherapists. For a complete workout, the treadmill can be electronically tilted up to 12% (1% increments, i.e. 12 levels of tilt), allowing the simulation of hill running.

The console has a large, intuitive display that shows the training data relating to: speed, distance covered, elapsed time, pulse, estimated calories burned, incline, the programme in progress and the graph of the chosen programme. Speed and incline can be selected using the quick select buttons or the + and – selection buttons on the treadmill handles.

The DKN Run tech 2.5 treadmill has pre-set programmes aimed at weight loss and fitness maintenance.

These are divided into :

23 programs that automatically vary incline and speed;
Customisable and memorable programmes for 3 users
3 HRC, which stands for Heart Rate Control, the treadmill will vary the incline and speed to keep it constant.
This is a very useful program for weight loss and muscle building.
The heart rate is monitored by hand pulse sensors that read it when the metal plates on the handrail are squeezed or on the heart rate monitor for a more accurate measurement.

The robust structure can support a maximum user weight of 130 kg.

The equipment is completed with a magnetic emergency key that stops the Runtech 2.5 treadmill in case of loss of balance.
It can be closed in a compact position for minimum space requirements and can be easily transported thanks to the 4 wheels for transport.

LCD screen Heart rate sensor control positioned on the treadmill handles for heart rate measurement and heart rate monitor, Polar T34 compatible (not included).


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