ROTINA 420/420R

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Hettich Germany


This compact benchtop centrifuge is designed for high sample throughput as well as for high volume processing. It holds 4 x 600 ml bottles, 140 blood collection tubes, 16 microtiter plates or 52 x 15 ml conical cell culture tubes in one rotor.

The model is also available in a refrigerated version. The temperature can be set between -20 °C and +40 °C (ROTINA 420 R).

Available in ventilated (420) and refrigerated (420R) versions
Maximum capacity of : 4 x 600 ml / 52 conical tubes of 15 ml or 20 conical tubes of 50 ml / 84 to 104 blood collection tubes / 16 microtiter plates
Carriers available with one-handed mechanical closure and TÜV-tested lids with bio-seal
Single rotor for tubes and microtiter plates
98 programmable ranges
Weight: 75 kg (420) 108 kg (420R)
Dimensions: 423 x 506 x 650 mm (420) 423 x 713 x 654 mm (420R)

Ref: IBSCG2238

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