SAIO Veterinary (Electrophoresis)

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SAIO Veterinary (Electrophoresis)

New electrophoresis instrument

Dedicated to the automation of electrophoresis on cellulose acetate
Manufactured in Italy and presented at the Dubai exhibition (Arab Health).
Functional characteristics:
Attractive design, Fully automatic, Very small, Compact, Easy to use, Built-in computer, Built-in Voice System.
It occupies only 50 cm of space.
Up to 16 tests in one process.
Simple software,.

Technical characteristics:
Type of analysis:
Serum proteins: albumin, alpha 1, Alpha 2, Beta 1, Beta 2, Gamma

Hemoglobin: HbA1, HbF, A2

Electrophoresis on cellulose acetate
Supported on Mylar Wet cellogel
Possibility to use the strip of 4 samples or 8 samples
Serum Protein Kit & Hemoglobin: 400 Test ( 50 strips of 8 samples ) 200 Test ( 50 strips of 4 samples )

Saio and Ariès are only two Automated Electrophoresis Machines which has inside a built-in computer allowing the customer to save space.
You already have the computer inside, Saio and Aries got the software installed inside.
The front panel output of the computer from the Saio makes it so that they can interact with an external device such as a mouse, a printer and a monitor or Internet for remote controls

Download : Technical Sheet

Ref : IBSCG2249

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