SAS-2 Analyzer

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Integrated electrophoresis solution for laboratories running 1200 – 6000 tests per year.

Up to 72 serum proteins per hour
Up to 8 immunofixations per hour
SAS-2 compact automated gel processing system

In partnership with SAS-1 Plus, Helena Biosciences’ SAS-2 gel processing system is the ideal solution for small to medium-sized laboratories. Designed to be reliable, accurate and efficient, the SAS-2 automates gel staining, decoloring and drying. It is optimized to give extraordinary clarity to protein gels.

Compact benchtop analyzer
Simplified automation reduces
Operator intervention
Automated gel processing with variable staining, decoloring and drying programs
20 editable gel programs, with all SAS-1 Plus assays pre-programmed
Available tests:

Serum Proteins
Serum Protein (Split Beta)
Serum Protein (High Resolution)
Urine Protein Analysis
Urine Immunotyping
Pentavalent Screen
Alkaline Haemoglobin
Acid Haemoglobin
Alkaline Phosphatase
CK Isoenzymes
LD Isoenzymes
HDL Cholesterol
Transferrin IEF

Technical Sheet

Ref : IBSCG2252

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