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Automated SAS-4 Compact Gel Treatment System

The SAS-4 gel processor is the partner of our high performance SAS-3 electrophoresis analyzer. SAS-4 automates the staining, fading and drying of electrophoresis gels and is optimized to provide extraordinary transparency of protein gels. Pre-programmed and compatible with a wide range of gel sizes, it minimizes operator time and intervention.

  • Compact benchtop system with remote automation
  • The staining / staining solution prepared lasts up to 1000 samples
  • Automated gel processing with user programming
  • All external liquids – no external level sensors
  • Optimized for frost clarity
  • Minimum conditions of service
  • 17 modifiable methods
  • Up to 300 serum proteins per hour
  • Up to 18 immunofixations per hour

Available tests:

  • Protein Serum (Split Beta)
  • Serum Protein
  • Serum protein (high resolution)
  • Urinary protein analysis
  • immunotyping
  • Immunotyping of urine
  • Pentavalent screen
  • Alkaline hemoglobin
  • Alkaline phosphatase
  • Cholesterol
  • HDL Cholesterol
  • Transferrin IEF
  • IgG IEF

Réf: IBSCG2254

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