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LMD-3251MT Monitor

Today, 3D imaging is playing an increasingly important role in the operating room.
It is a practical alternative to conventional 2D images, providing surgeons with a stereoscopic view of high-resolution images captured with endoscopes and surgical microscopes.

3D ensures a faithful and accurate reproduction of images, improving depth perception and spatial orientation for practitioners.
This technique provides a more realistic perspective of even the most complex procedures.

The LMD-3251MT is a high-performance 32″ Full HD monitor designed for medical applications.
Connected to a 3D camera system, it provides smooth, high-resolution images that can be viewed by surgeons and medical staff under artificial lighting and with the help of comfortable passive polarised glasses.

The monitor is fully compliant with medical standards for operating rooms.
It is also suitable for other environments that require high quality 3D images, such as consulting rooms, clinics, conference rooms or training rooms.

Ref : EL3251

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