Speculum Cusco Mix

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Cusco Mix Speculum

This pack based on the Cusco 1st generation speculum model includes the 4 standard sizes of speculums.

Inside, you will find sterile single-use Cusco speculums with :

Size XS: white bar.
Size S: blue bar.
Size M: red bar.
Size L: green bar.
Each speculum is packed in an individual bag.

Packaging : Box of 100 pieces. 25 speculums per size packed in individual bags.
Composition : A compartmentalized box containing our 4 sizes of Cusco specula (virgin, small, medium, large) and 25 specula of each size.
Type: Sterile single use.
Sterilisation: Ethylene oxide.
Colour: white, blue, red and green.
Diameter: 20, 24, 26 and 30 mm.


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