Spirometry System (HI-105)

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Automatic COPD spirometry and lung age assessment
Bronchodilator and bronchial provocation testing
Fully met ATS / ERS recommendations.
Diagnosis and classification of COPD according to the Golden Criteria
Suitable for adult and paediatric patients.
Large and high resolution TFT LCD and colour.
Memory capacity: over 300 data.
Internal battery: rechargeable lead battery.
Data management software for Windows
Thermal printer line
Optional accessories: calibration saw (3L/1L), spiro fitler (100 pcs/box), plastic nozzle (reusable-100 pcs/box), mouse (PS/2), nozzle (metal), marker (plastic-10) pcs/package), flow sensor head (10 units/package), flow sensor head (10 units/package).
pack), flow sensor head (10 units / box)


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