ST 400 Emergency stretcher

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ST 400 Emergency stretcher

ST 400 – Structurally, we can define the stretcher, which is generally developed to be used in emergency interventions, as a platform where injured and patients can be transported..
ST 400 stretcher has been designed functional and ergonomic for the transportation and treatment of patients in emergency departments.
The ST 400 emergency treatment stretcher provides fast and safe transfer of patients, In emergency situations, the patient has the upper equipment that can be intervened on the stretcher.

The lying surface is made of HPL platform and it is X ray translucent.
Our stretcher is height adjustable from double points, its height is adjusted with a telescopic column hydraulic system.
Back rest adjustment of the stretcher is adjusted with gas spring. Height, trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg adjustments can be moved with foot pedals connected to double hydraulic mechanisms.
Total of six foot pedals are available, three on each side.
The stretcher also has safety locked side rails that can be folded when necessary, preventing the patient from falling accidentally.

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1 year parts and labour warranty

Ref : IBSCG2661

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