Surdial 55 Plus

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The Surdial 55Plus is an easy-to-use dialysis machine providing patients with the best kidney replacement therapy to increase their well-being and quality of life.

It is a cost effective machine that combines proven technology with new advanced features for improved processing.

Touch screen interface, allowing easy operation on the machine
Swivel and clear display for a constant overview of treatment data
Volume of the balancing chamber reduced from 500 ml to 100 ml
Short preparation and disinfection time
Central concentrate supply
Surdial 55+ dialysis machine (1)
Hot citric disinfection & QD 300 to 800 ml (1)
Bicarbonate Powder Cartridge System (1)
Blood Pressure Monitor (1)
CF rinsing unit (* Without CF609N cut filter.) (1)
SP-1199 + SP-1203 (1) pce Inlet water tank 500 liters
SP-995 (1) pce MultiPress 605 pump
NAC-PT-WA-UG (1) pce Water alarm with engine running 1 ”
SP-268 (1) pce Manual backwash filter 1 ”
SP-1176 (1) pc Turbidex 1,5m3
SP-517 (1) NPW DUPLEX 45 pce softener
SP-1325 (1) pce bag of salt
SP-1261 (1) pce Activated carbon filter 1.5 m3
NAC-PT-PS-UG (2) pce 20 inches Filtration unit, single
CON-447 (1) pce 20 “5μm Filter Cartridge
SP-957 (1) pce RO Medical pressure reducer
NRO-BAS-350-UG (1) pce RO Medical BASIC 350l / h
CON-1371 (1) pce Endotoxin filter 20 “0.2μm DOE
NAC-RO-DP-UG (1) pce Disinfection pump for ROmedical
NAC-MP-ELD-UG 4 pieces BASIC-S Electro D
SP-941 / SP-942 12 m Channel 130×70, PVC
NAC-MS-CA2-UG (2) pce “Autonomous” drain section without coupling
NAC-LO-QP10-UG (1) pce permeate loop FAST pipe PEX 10er
NAC-LO-PBJG-UG (4) pce permeate loop FAST PEX Block John Guest
NAC-LO-BEQP-UG (1) pce Start / End Permeate loop FAST PEX
SP-151 4 pce V4A 6mm coupling with SL9 hose nipple
SP-150 4 pce V4A 6mm nipple with SL9 hose nipple
SP-149 4 pce V4A Nipple DN6 thread 1/4 “AG
SP-148 4 pce V4A Coupling DN6 thread 1/4 “AG
Warranty: 2 years (Parts and labor).

Ref : IBSCG893

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