Surgical ceiling light with 2 domes

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Made in the EU

The Ceiling Surgical Lamp is a high-tech, compact device. It is divided into 6 modules, each with 5 LEDs with a light output of 130,000 LUX. It has an electronic comfort due to the indirect light that creates a 3D lighting (without shadows and without risk of glare) on the working field. Its white light avoids the risks of perception of color temperature variations and colored shadows.
The light center is equipped with an additional LED module for electronic depth. In addition, the surgeon can choose, at the touch of a digital button, the 2 white light temperatures ( choice between 5000 and 4500°K).


– Light intensity at 1 m distance (Ec) klx 60 to 130.
– Color rendering index (CRI) Ra 96.
– Light field (electronically adjustable): 16-28 cm.
– Ø of the light field where the illumination reaches 10% of Ec (d10): 160 mm.
– Ø of the light field where the illumination reaches 50 % of Ec: 80 mm.
– Total radiated energy Ee where the illuminance reaches its maximum level W/m2 299.
– Average LED lifetime: 50,000 hours.
– Power supply: 100-240 V – 50-60 Hz.
– Standards: IEC 60601-2-41 – 2007/47/EC.

Technical Sheet

Ref : IBSCG260

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