Ultrasound RS80A PRESTIGE

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Advanced technologies for better patient care

The integration of Samsung’s technological know-how with medical imaging makes the RS80A Prestige a truly exceptional platform. The combination of advanced tools and
developed by Samsung such as S-Fusion and S-Shearwave gives a superior image quality that promotes a more accurate diagnosis, especially for complex exams.

Samsung Advanced Technologies: s-vision architecture and s-view probe

S-Vision Beam Trainer

The S-Vision Beam Trainer promotes high-resolution image acquisition and more accurate diagnosis. With this technology, the signal is optimized and transmitted with side lobe reduction, limiting noise and artifacts, while ensuring outstanding image quality. By integrating Samsung’s excellence into electronics, the S-Vision beamformer transmits digital signals in high resolution. It guarantees for all applications a better tissue resolution, whatever the depth of exploration.

S-View Probe (CA1-7A, CV1-8A)
S-Vue technology probes have greater sensitivity and wider bandwidth than conventional probes. They guarantee optimal image resolution even in technically difficult patients. In addition, the small size and lightness of these probes improve the daily examination conditions.
Samsung pushes the boundaries of traditional ultrasound. Integration of advanced S-Fusion and S-Tracking technologies optimize
the accuracy of the operator during interventional procedures.

Essential tools for interventional procedures

S-Fusion technology can simultaneously locate a lesion on the ultrasound image and on the reference image of another acquisition mode.
The robustness, reliability and speed of use of S-Fusion contribute to the comfort of the practitioner and the precision of the gestures.
S-Fusion, offers a simple and fast automatic registration method.
It only takes about thirty seconds * to merge the images of the ultrasound system with those of another modality.
S-Tracking allows interventional procedures to perform injections or biopsies very accurately. The sensor at the end
The needle performs a simulation of the trajectory to follow, which reassures the operator and increases the accuracy of the examination.
The characterization and monitoring of a lesion is greatly facilitated by advanced technologies such as S-Shearwave and CEUS +.

Advanced non-invasive tools

Auto IMT + TM
Auto IMT + TM automatically measures the thickness of the intima-media of the carotid artery. This tool makes it possible to analyze the risk of vascular diseases. A simple key makes it possible to activate this mode.
Arterial Analysis
The Arterial Analysis feature allows morphological (intima-media thickness) and functional evaluation of vessels. This non-invasive technology investigates the vessel wall in both axial and longitudinal directions and contributes to the early detection of cardiovascular disease.
Advanced QuickScan ™
Advanced QuickScanTM technology optimizes the workflow of a vascular examination. At the touch of a button, you can automatically adjust key imaging parameters, such as color gain, color box location, and angle correction.
Strain +
Strain + is a tool for evaluation of left ventricular function by the method of monitoring natural acoustic markers.
Stress Echo
The RS80A Prestige provides a complete set of tools dedicated to stress ultrasound. Programmable features of this technology improve comfort
of the operator significantly.

Intelligent breast diagnostic tools

S-Detect ™ for breast imaging
This smart tool uses the standardized score BI-RADS® (Breast Imaging – Reporting and Data System) for the analysis and classification of breast lesions. S-Detect ™ facilitates the establishment of a more accurate and less operator-dependent diagnosis through the detection and semi-automated characterization of lesions. It suffices to target a lesion on the image so that the CAD automatically defines its contours and proposes its characteristics (shape, contours, size, depth, etc.) and determines the associated BI-RADS® score. An examination report with these characteristics is generated for each lesion.
E-Breast ™ (ElastoScan ™ for breast)
Advanced E-Breast ™ technology automatically calculates the deformation ratio of a lesion. Unlike conventional elastography tools, E-Breast ™ requires only the selection of a single region of interest by the user, reducing the risk of error caused by selection of surrounding tissue.
as a reference region.
Volumetric linear probe
The data acquired with the linear voluminal probe allow the visualization of the lesions in the different planes of the space.

Comfort and ease of use on a daily basis

E-Thyroid ™ (ElastoScan ™ for the thyroid)
E-Thyroid ™ technology provides a more objective assessment of thyroid damage with an elastography index that determines the nodule deformation ratio. The images obtained with ElastoScan ™ are acquired thanks to the pulsations of the carotid artery: it is thus no longer necessary to carry out a manual compression of the probe during the examination.
Natural View
The Natural View feature captures 3D anatomical images in high definition, ensuring exceptional detail and increased depth perception. Changing the direction of the torch also allows the user to better define complex anatomical structures.
EZ Exam ™ +
The fully configurable EZ-Exam + TM tool allows you to protocol exams and streamline the daily workflow of the operator.

Ergonomics at the service of performance

Foldable screen
The foldable monitor allows safe movement.
23 inch LED monitor
Compared to standard models, the 23-inch LED monitor offers higher quality and resolution color images, providing better visualization for the user.
13.3-inch tilting touchscreen The tilting touchscreen adjusts to suit the user’s preferences.
Simple and intuitive use
The intuitive design of the control panel and the 3D navigator make it easy to access all the features of the system and improve productivity.
Motorized elevation and displacement in 6 directions
The control panel of the RS80A Prestige moves in 6 directions to optimize user comfort, governed by a lifting device
motorized. When the system is turned off, the control panel remembers the height and reposition itself automatically upon restart.
Lock pedal
The system can be locked in 4 different positions thanks to its locking pedal.

Ref : IBSCG2244

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