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The UNIVERSAL 320 centrifuge is compact, versatile and indispensable. Thanks to its excellent performance and comprehensive range of accessories, the UNIVERSAL 320 is able to perform almost all separation tasks in everyday laboratory work. It is suitable for plates, microtubes, blood collection tubes, conical tubes, cell culture vessels and cytological accessories.

Available in ventilated (320) and refrigerated (320R) versions.
Accessories for special applications:
for 16 x 15 ml conical tubes or 8 x 50 ml conical tubes
for 32 blood collection tubes
for 10 microtiter plates or 2 Deep Well plates
Lid with motorized lock. When the rotor is stopped, the lid can be opened by pressing a button
10 programmable ranges
Cradles available with one-handed mechanical lock and TÜV-tested lid with bio-seal
Weight: 31 kg (320) 53 kg (320R)
Dimensions: 346 x 401 x 529 mm (320) 346 x 407 x 698 mm (320R)

Ref: IBSCG2331

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