Universal / Hydraulic / Height Adjustable Operating Table

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Famed SU-03 operating table is a very universal product in an affordable price. SU-03 offers a large number of functions, the high maximum load, good parameters of radio-transparency, longitudinal displacement and several compatible accessories. The legendary quality of production in the factory in Żywiec.

Type of operating table SU-03.0 – 5-section table top, with manual table top SU-03 longitudinal displacement and manual renal support, letter T-shaped base

Standard structure

Operating table made of high quality stainless steel with a matt surface.
The mobile base is equipped with a central locking system activated by a foot lever
(In the version equipped with the letter T-shaped locking base of the table is made with the use of four extended legs)

The mattresses are removable from the table segments. The mattresses are made of polyurethane foam, seamless, antistatic and resistant to disinfectants, fixed on pegs instead of velcro
The table is X-ray translucent. It allows to take X-ray images and monitor the patient with a C-arm
Functions and drives

Height adjustment of the table top, lateral tilt adjustment, Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg adjustment, leveling of the table performed with the use of manual controller with the use of electrohydraulic power supply of 24 V.
The manual controller is equipped with a battery charge level indicator

Backrest and leg rest segment (single section) and headrest segment angle adjustment is supported by gas springs equipped with a lock
The height adjustment of the kidney elevator on the 5- and 6-segment table top is performed manually using the gear transmission located on the side of the headrest segment
The longitudinal shift of the table is performed manually
The leg rest segments are manually shifted

Ref: IBSCG1553

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