UP-DR80MD Color Printer

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UP-DR80MD digital color printer for medical applications.

With its compact size, superior image quality and low operating cost, the UP-DR80MD is the smallest A4 dye sublimation printer on the market.
Easy Color Adjustment
The UP-DR80MD makes it easy to adjust colors via the printer driver. It has a preview function that makes it easy to confirm or adjust images.
Color Search Table
Two types of color look-up tables allow for the reproduction of colors suitable for different modalities such as endoscopy and ultrasound systems. The default “Natural” settings create a color suitable for endoscopic images based on the sRGB monitor. The printer offers a CG color mode to reproduce more vivid colors in ultrasound images. The properties panel allows selection of these settings. Gray Balance Adjustment
The gray balance adjustment feature allows you to easily choose the color and shade that best suits your application.

Technical Sheet

Ref : IBSCG2038

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