V8 E-Class capillary electrophoresis system

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V8 E-Class: a revolution in laboratory automation
Offering advances in automation, analysis and usability, the V8 E-Class is at the heart of a high-throughput analytical solution that represents a giant step forward for clinical electrophoresis.
– Second generation capillary electrophoresis analyzer
– Advanced interpretation, reporting and quality control software
– A superior range of custom assays
– Unique preparation and integration for SAS gel electrophoresis

Continuous loading
With fully automated method changes, buffer replenishment and on-board maintenance procedures, the V8 E-Class easily supports high-throughput workloads, offering continuous loading of up to 112 samples enabling multi-method sample preparation for gel electrophoresis and CE analysis.
With non-stop, random access loading of new sample tube racks, the operator can fully automate the production workflow of on-board serum or urine samples with STAT, rack and batch prioritization.

Flexible buffer management
With all necessary buffers and reagents on board, the V8 E-Class is a powerful multi-tasker that analyzes samples by CZE, prepares urine for gel electrophoresis, while processing sample results from a reflex immunodisplacement request.
– Four user-defined, user-specific bottle positions on board the system for maximum analytical flexibility
– Seamless switching of empty bottles for continuous, automated operation
– Automatic purification and simple method switching for prioritization and STAT samples

On-board reagents
V8 E-Class offers fully traceable management of all on-board reagents and diluents for immunoassays and hemoglobin tests.

Ten temperature-controlled reagent positions for onboard testing flexibility
Automated sample dilution for gel tray preparation
User-defined reagent positions for maximum flexibility
Easy-to-use reagent templates
Platinum 4V advanced analytical software
Platinum 4V provides a complete overview of session management, gel and/or capillary electrophoresis analysis, and review and reporting processes. Despite its simple, easy-to-use design, Platinum 4V offers a full suite of end-to-end functionality:

Session and worklist management
QC and validation functionality
V8 instrument control and gel scan processes
Search and link historical patient outcome data
Automatic marking of patients with historical abnormal results
Full LIMS and lab automation connectivity

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor
Technical data: contact us

Ref: IBSCG2344

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