VX70 Slit Lamp

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VX70 Slit Lamp 5 magnifications

The modern design and multi-layer system of Visionix VX70 transmits light more efficiently and will satisfy all the needs of your practice’s slit lamp.
LED light consumes less energy and can last over a hundred times longer than a halogen source. LED also provides better uniform illumination by increasing image quality.
Features include:

Heat absorbing disc filter.
Three built-in filters: fluorescent (blue), red-free (green) and gray (anti-heat).
Joystick with boost button brightness settings.
Complies with CE, MDD standards.
Eyepiece magnification: 12.5x.
Available in 5, 3 or 2 magnifications.
Eyepiece 10x.
Adjustment range PD 55-75 mm (3x, 5) / 52-90mm (2x).
Diopter adjustment +/- 6D.
Slit angle 0-180 & deg.
Slit width: 0-14 mm continuous.
Slit length : 1,5-11 mm.
Working distance: 100mm.
Range of rest-menton: 55 mm.
LED lighting.
Power: 50 / 60Hz.
Maximum consumption:

100-120V AC – 1A /
230-240V AC – 0.5A
Weight of the boat 58lbs

2 years warranty, parts and labor.

Technical Sheet 

Ref: IBSCG858

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