Water treatment system

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Water treatment system

The quality levels required for the water used to prepare solutions for hemodialysis have undergone a permanent evolution towards severity due to advances in biotechnology using this water:

Evolution of dialysate formulas (generalization of bicarbonate baths).
Evolution of artificial kidney membranes (dialyzers with a higher molecular cut-off and more permeable to large molecules, including possible endotoxins).
Evolution of techniques (single-use dialyzers, parenteral injection of bath fractions as in hemodiafiltration, etc.)
The initial objectives are the prevention of calcium deposits or the fouling of machines as well as the maximum precision and stability of the chemical formation of the dialysate into saline constituents (electrolytes) and first of all, the control of calcium.

Great attention is paid to the elimination of certain minerals, heavy metals (especially aluminum), nitrates, fluorine, chlorinated derivatives because they can cause more or less serious disorders in the patient.

The recommendations of the various pharmacopoeias reflect these chemical requirements.


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