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X-ray system / digital / for multipurpose radiography / with table.

Italray DR-2S dual X-ray structure detector system is made for X-ray basic trunk and reviews and uses a column tube stand, bucky stand and radiographic elevation table with a sensitive table top to make things work well.

It is useful for working with patients in many positions and can handle chest exams with a small distance from the patient to the detector.

This is done with help for examinations and uses a grid moving device to keep the facility ready.

The Italray DR system operates with an automated setup in order to maintain short acquisition times when finding images.

The flat panel detectors on this facility are also very easy to use and will continue to shift from being a burden to process.

This is also made to work with simple examinations and even uses the full synchro package if desired to continue system movements running with the best working positions.

It only takes the push of a button to do many functions on this unit work.

Ref : IBSCG2354

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