Basic Plus 550 mm

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• ENT Consulting unit in stainless steel.
• The technologically and functionally developed classical
• Optimized by 25 years of technical and functional development
• Steel chassis and PU-instrument plan
• Molded, protected by a Plexiglas hood and inclined support.
• Suction 50l/min, vacuum 93% with automatic activation.
• Non-vibrating, no-blowing vacuum pump, protected by hydrophobic antibacterial filter and two overflow safetys.
• Automatic emptying of the secreting vase.
Self-washable suction hose with quick connection to the unit.
• Dispenser of disinfectant for suction circuit, with exchangeable stainless steel connection.

Irrigator at 38 °c; Precise setting of the jet power 50-850 L/min; Interchangeability of the metal irrigation cannula; Chrome Irrigator pistol and hose with quick connection, self washable; Antimicrobial filter.
• Instant Mirror heater.
• Instrument shelf with paper dispenser.
• Two-level instrument Plan with Plexiglas protection, steel instrument compartments.
• Instrument drawer, steel instrument compartments.
• Storage drawer, height 115 mm
• Open compartment For additional appliances, height 145 mm, width 550 mm
• Colour Ral 9010 Pure white mid-mat and BC 9006
• White aluminum.

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