Clinodigit EVO – radio-fluoroscopy system

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Radiology X radio-fluoroscopy system / digital / for multipurpose radiography / for diagnostic fluoroscopy:

Remote controlled table: Clinodigit Evo @ 90/30
Generator: Pixel HF TS 650 (50kW – 630mA)
X-ray tube: IAE RTM90HS 300kHu
Traditional system with ITH 12 “CCD (12” image intensifier)
Controlled by high-frequency microprocessor X-ray generator with capacitors capable of working with a simple power supply, 220V 12A. Power of 50 kW, a connection tube rad

Radio-fluoroscopy system / digital / for multipurpose radiography / for diagnostic fluoroscopy.
The Clinodigit EVO Remote Tilt Table is made to work for many functions and uses different altitude controls with the help for gastroenterology and intervention needs while also working with urology, gynecology and relief in mind. These are made with microprocessor controls that are easy to manipulate and can work with an image intensifier to make things easy to read. This is also done with a TV channel and a control facility to maintain dosing levels in control. This also works with an installed digital X structure where the customer can choose from a TV channel, a CCD digital review or a flat panel detector by reviewing a real-time test.
Delivery time: 4 to 8 weeks

Type of system: radio-fluoroscopy system
Technology: Digital
Application: for multipurpose radiography, for diagnostic fluoroscopy
Component: with remote controlled tilting table

Commercial conditions: Proposal taking into account delivery and installation on site, excluding customs duties and VAT

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