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HLT HOLCARD-712 v.301ALFA is an ECG analysis software using the Holter method with the ASPEL HLT-712 v.301 recorder. It is intended to be installed on the user’s computer. It allows to quickly perform basic ECG analysis (arrhythmia and ST segment assessment), perform advanced analysis in the field of rhythm variability (HRV) assessment, QT interval and pacemaker work analysis.

Technical specifications:

– Analysis of ECG recordings in prospective and retrospective modes.

– Analysis of arrhythmias of ventricular and supraventricular origin in recordings up to 48 hours.

– Instant access to the ECG recording from any level of analysis (tables, trends).

– Ability to detect, visualize, create quantitative assessment reports: VE, S`SVE, P`SVT, Pauz, IRR VT, IVR, Tachy, Brady, Salwa, Bigeminy, Trigeminy, Steam, R to T, ST segment elevation and depression. ST heart rate episodes, Max, Min and Average, percentage of artifacts in the recording.

– Class editor for easy editing of all ventricular and supraventricular beats.

– Tabular presentation of numerical data.

– Presentation of results as trends, including three-dimensional ST and HRV trends.

– Prepare for automatic or user-selected printing of ECG strips with labels.

– Print the entire recorded ECG signal.

– Independent ST analysis of each ECG channel for user selected ST reference points, J-point and RR baseline.

– Use of multi-color presentations on the screen.

– Wireless data transmission for real-time preview of the ECG recording.

– Analysis of rhythm variability in the time and frequency domains.

– QT interval analysis with tabular graphical presentation of results.

– Analysis of the functioning of all types of pacemakersStandard equipment:

– Holter ECG recorder ASPEL HLT-712 v.301 with accessories.

– HOLCARD software with security key

Optional equipment :

– ASPEL HLT-712 v.201 Holter ECG Recorder.

The device was awarded the gold medal at the Poznań SALMED 2019 international fair with the AsPEKT Configurator application.

Ref: IBSCG2605

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