Radiographe Xray portable meX+60

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Compared to the meX+40, this generator has 25mA more, which results in shorter exposure times.
If the budget allows a little more, the meX+60 is a very good choice.

Constant radiation output without performance fluctuation
Tape measure for measuring the film focus distance
8 memory locations for kV and mAs
Reversible 7-segment LED display, remote control function for light and laser

Technical details:

Vol. / tube current: 100 kV / 60 mA
mAs range: 0.4 mAs – 100 mAs 25 steps
Maximum power: 3.2 kW at 80 kV
Focal spot: 2.0 mm
Lamp: LED
Distance laser: double laser
Presets kV / mAs: 8 APR
Weight: 14,6 kg

Technical data


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