Sterile cryotube with labbox screw cap +

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Sterile Cryotube with screw cap

Tube and cap made of pure polypropylene; the cap has a polypropylene ring which ensures a tight seal and avoids the use of other materials which may cause contamination during long-term storage.
Can be used from -196°C to +120°C
Certified DNAse, RNAse and endotoxin free
With external screw
The base is designed so that the tubes stand upright and locked when inserted into the workstation, allowing one-handed handling
Sterile by radiation (beta)
Can be customised by using coloured tablets
lot number. capacity. type. unit/lot.
CRTD-001-100. 1 ml. graduated, sterile. 100.
CRTD-002-100. 2 ml. graduated, sterile. 100.( consult us )
CRTD-004-100. 4 ml. graduated, sterile. 100. ( please consult us )
CRTD-005-100. 5 ml. graduated, sterile. 100. ( consult us )


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