TP-Link JetStream 8-Port Gigabit Smart Switch

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The Easy Smart 8-Port Gigabit Switch TL-SG108E is the ideal complement to an unmanaged switch, designed for small and medium business networks that require simple network management. Network administrators can effectively control traffic via port replication, loopback prevention, and Ethernet link diagnostic functions.

To optimize your enterprise network traffic, the TL-SG108E offers support for per-port or per-TAG QoS to allow your latency-sensitive traffic to flow smoothly and without instabilities.

In addition, port-based, TAG-based, or MTU-based VLANs can improve security and meet many network segmentation requirements.

With its innovative energy-efficient technology, the TL-SG1016DE can save up to 80% of energy, making it an environmentally friendly solution for your business network.
making it an environmentally friendly solution for your enterprise network.

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Warranty – 3 years
Part Number: IBSCG2815

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