Analog mammography Xenox S100

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The Xenox S100 is a versatile analog mammography system with an isocentric C-arm that delivers outstanding image quality.

High performance
The XENOX S100 is at the cutting edge of analog breast imaging technology, offering the best patient care at the most cost-effective price. It is a completely self-contained mammography unit, enabling physicians to obtain high-quality images while speeding up patient treatment. It is equally suited to all in-depth breast studies and to screening programs carried out with the utmost precision. Excellent imaging technology combined with a modern, ergonomic, high-performance concept improve efficiency and raise the standard of care.


Equipped with two red buttons on both sides of the mammography unit for emergency stops
Voltage generator with kV control loop and line with anticipatory compensation
Side control panel on selected side of mammography unit
Microprocessor-controlled technology with unique safety features
All functions under active operator control
Dedicated serial port for film ID flasher or dose label printer
Alarm messages in a choice of languages
Serial/USB port for laptop calibration and maintenance with dedicated software
The last 1300 exposures are stored as a special function.
Display of tube thermal unit and active protection
Technical display for self-test and faulty block identification, firmware release, exposure counter and date/time of last exposure
Statistical functions such as average dose, exposure quantity for each kV value, exposure quantity
Diagnostic functions such as selectable service functions on the LCD screen for testing the hardware of each individual card, with input status display, individual status display and on/off function
Cassette compatibility with all popular models
Cassette recording to avoid double exposures or exposures without cassette
Carbon fiber top cover
Integrated film markers with two wheels of identification labels
Optional geometric enlargement feature
Automatic exposure control (AEC)
Automatic parameter selection criteria selected according to effective breast density evaluated by pre-exposure
Independently PC-programmable for all available operating techniques
AEC self-test procedure included in control panel functions
Dose calculator
Isocentric C-arm
Rotation angle display on control panel and auxiliary display
Motorized or manual compression vane movement with precise double-dial adjustment
Compression paddle descent speed decreasing in proportion to breast compression and customizable according to three curves
Maximum compression force safety device
Compression paddle release after exposure selectable from control panel, automatic or manual for two-dimensional biopsy
Additional display position based on mammography unit, showing information on compression force, C-arm rotation angle and compressed breast thickness
Dual-pedal motorized compression pedal and push-button controls for vertical movement of compression paddle and unlocking of motorized compression
Optional multi-function foot switches with four pedals and one button for vertical movement of the arch, vertical movement of the compression paddle and motorized release of compression
Warranty: 2 years parts and labor

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